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We have updated our site at www.High.St and the page you are seeking has probably moved.

Please go to the www.High.St home page and navigate to your chosen town using the map provided (or use the Search box or select the Towns & Cities tab).

It takes a little while for the search engines to catalogue a new site. We apologise for the delay whilst they catch up and hope that you find the information on this page more useful than the typical error message.

Whilst we have been developing the new site, we have been busy increasing the number of shops, retail outlets and businesses from the 10,000 we had before to nearer 20,000 now. More towns and cities have been added to our evergrowing list. Coverage across Scotland is now excellent. More shops and businesses within each town have also been included. No longer do we cover just the town centre high streets but also many of the adjacent streets as well. We are adding the new data, including photographs, as fast as possible but please contact us if we haven't got around to your town or business yet.

For site owners and managers: In addition to the extra information, we can now offer additional services to give your business that edge over the competition. See our 360 degree Panaoramas and Electronic Brochures and simple but effective Promotion Panels. Of course, we can still provide you with a website, from a simple template design to a fully bespoke version and our unique email names; such as YourShop@YourTown.high.st that are so simple and easy to remember. Contact us for more details.

Thank you. Please enjoy the new site and let us know what you think.